15:1 CBD-THC Tincture

15-1, 450mg/30ml Bottle C02 Extracted CBD made from 100% Canadian Certified Organic Hemp – 30mg/30ml Bottle THC in MCT (fractionated Coconut oil)  Oil. 15mg/ml CBD, 1mg/ml THC. Also available in Grapeseed Oil.

Tinctures are liquid concentrates extracted from the cannabinoids of the Cannabis plant.

These tinctures come in small jars with droppers on the lid.

Just a few drops under your tongue and you will begin to feel the effects. 

There are several advantages to placing the drops under the tongue:


  • Sublingual administration enables rapid absorption into the blood supply.
  • It never contacts stomach acids, so its strength is not diminished by digestion.
  • When the sublingual artery absorbs the tincture through osmosis, it makes treatment easier to patients with ulcers, gastrointestinal problems, coeliac disease, and diseases affecting the digestive system.
  • Sublingual administration lets users hit at will throughout the day without the social embarrassment of smoking.
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